3 Things You Need to Understand About Securing Bail Bonds

If you've received that dreaded late-night call that a friend or loved one has been arrested and needs to be bailed out of jail, you may not really know where to start. If the bail is too high for you to pay it in cash, you may need to reach out to a bail bonds agent. Before you do that, there are a few things that you should know. Here are a couple of key things you'll need to have available before you call the bond agent.

Where Is the Person in Custody?

In order for the bond agent to negotiate your loved one's release, he or she will need to know exactly where the person is being held. When your loved one calls, find out exactly which law enforcement agency has them in custody, including the actual name of the jail as well as the city and state that it is located in. This is important, because the bond will have to be paid to the facility, and if the bond agent doesn't know where the person is, he or she can't do that.

What Is the Person's Booking or Inmate Number?

The bond agent will need your loved one's booking number in order to identify the inmate that they are bonding out. You will need to provide this along with the person's full legal name when you sign the bond contract with the agent. This is essential information because it ensures that the bond you pay is credited to the right individual to secure their release.

What Is the Total Bail Amount?

When your loved one calls, you'll also need to find out exactly how much the bail amount is. The agent has to know exactly how much they need to pay to get him or her out of jail. This is a key factor not only for the release, but also for you to find out how much the agent will require down from you in the process. In most cases, you'll have to have 10 percent of the bond up front, and you may need to provide some form of collateral to secure the bond. Whether it's a car, your home, or something else of value, you won't know exactly what you need until the bond agent knows how much the bail actually is.

These are a few key factors when you're negotiating bail to get someone released from jail. To learn more, contact services such as Richard Cloud Bail Bonding.