4 Financial Realities That Might Surprise You

Both individuals and society as a whole have a set of ideas and assumptions about personal finance, but the truth in some cases just might surprise you. Behavioral finance combines economics and human psychology to offer insights into common beliefs and erroneous perceptions people have. Consider fact vs. myth in these four areas, and take steps to ensure that your financial life is informed and empowered: 1. The Truth About Credit Scores [Read More]

More Than Just Nickels And Dimes: An Introduction To The Importance Of Coin Grading

Collecting coins has been a hobby that has been enjoyed by millions of Americans for decades, as it combines the thrill of owning a legitimate piece of history with the challenge of finding rare coins that are in mint condition. If you're considering starting your own coin collection, the process of coin grading is perhaps the most important thing you'll need to understand before you start making purchases. What Is Coin Grading? [Read More]