Two Alternatives Types of Bail-Bonds Collateral

If you wind up in jail, the main imperative becomes getting out. However, one thing may be standing in your way: a lack of funds. Even if you happen to have some cash on hand that you can use to pay the bond, this may not be a good idea because it means that there will be less money available to pay for legal fees. However, there are collateral alternatives that you may not have thought about. Use this information to learn about some collateral options that can help you get out of jail as soon as possible.

Family Heirlooms

The treasured family heirlooms that you now possess could hold the key to your being freed from jail. Your heirlooms may have enough value to serve as collateral so that you won't have to stay locked up any longer than necessary.

Family heirlooms is a category that encompasses many different items. For example, you may have a rare painting hanging in your home that is worth quite a bit. Or, you may have inherited an antique gun collection that includes pieces which are no longer in circulation. These are just a few examples of items that you may be able to use as collateral.

Keep in mind that when you use family heirlooms as collateral for yourself or someone else, you want to be sure to attend all pending court dates. Depending on which state you live in, missing a single court date can be enough to have your bail rescinded, and it may even give the courts the right to keep and liquidate your valuables.

A Piece of Land

Land is another form of collateral that you can use to get out of jail. If you have the deed to a piece of land, and it has the right amount of value, it may be just what the doctor ordered.

Although you may believe that there needs to be a home or structure of some sort on the land for it to be used as collateral, you are mistaken. Even if it's just an empty lot, as long as it meets the equity requirements for your state, it may be admissible. You can check here with bail-bonds agency or call an agency of your to find out the value threshold that the land must reach in order to be used.

Don't let a lack of liquid cash keep you in jail. Secure your release with one of these forms of collateral as soon as possible.