Options for Paying for Car Repairs When You're Broke

Unexpected car repairs can leave you short on cash. If you need to make sure your ride is fixed but you can't pay the repair bill, you may be at a loss. This is especially true if traditional options, like a credit card, for covering the difference aren't available. The following are a few ideas to help you pay the bill and get your car back.

Ask for a payment plan

Some repair shops will allow you to make payments on the bill. You will likely need to pay for a large portion upfront and then make arrangements to pay the rest back within a set time frame. The repair shop will likely treat the car as collateral, meaning that they will repossess it if you don't make the agreed upon payments on time. There may also be additional charges or fees associated with this option. Also, keep in mind that some shops will allow payments but won't allow you to pick up your car until the amount is paid in full, so you may be taking the bus until you find the cash.

Negotiate a smaller bill

Another option is to try to lower the repair bill. The easiest way to do this is to source your own parts or to allow for used or rebuilt parts to be used for the repair. Not all shops will allow you to bring your own parts, so check to make sure this is okay ahead of time. If allowed, you will only have to pay for labor once you find the part. Salvage yards and used part suppliers will be your best best for finding the best deal.

Sell something

Getting rid of something of value may be your best choice if you can't strike a deal with the repair shop. Electronics, jewelry, or anything else of value can be sold relatively quickly. You can use online classified sites to list the items for sale. There are also local buying and selling groups on social media platforms that will allow you to hold a virtual garage sale, thus giving you an opportunity to raise the cash quickly.

Get a payday advance

Sometimes all you need is a bit more time to raise the necessary funds, especially if the repair occurs between paydays. In this case, consider getting a payday advance. This is a short term loan that must be paid back within two to four weeks, depending on the specific terms. There is typically no credit check, which means that you qualify as long as you have proof of income and a checking account. The loan provider simply withdraws the payment amount automatically from your bank account when the load comes due. Check out http://www.paydayexpresscashadvance.com for more information and get your vehicle repaired.